Sentence Examples

  • Accepting, loving, trusting someone – even if bonded – was beyond Immortal Laws to dictate.
  • The assessed valuation of property increased more than threefold from 1900 to 1910, being $276,801,517 in the latter year, when the bonded city debt was $ 1 7, 2 59,3 12.5 0.
  • The state had a bonded debt in 1909 of $384,000, authorized by popular vote in November 1908; by the constitution the aggregate indebtedness of the state was limited to $100,000 except in case of war, invasion or insurrection, or in case a measure authorizing a greater indebtedness should be submitted by the legislature to the electorate and should receive a majority of the votes cast.
  • For defraying the expenses of the state government, exclusive of the interest on the bonded debt, the tax rate is limited by the constitution to four mills on the dollar of assessed valuation.
  • The total bonded debt of the state on the 31st of October 1908 was $642,300, and was incurred for the most part for the construction of public buildings during the Territorial period.

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