Sentence Examples

  • The tahsildars check the accounts of the kabz-i-mals, and, if they discover peculation, send them at once to be dealt with by the chief official authorities of the Gaza (department); all the electors of a mukhtar are, ipso facto, joint sureties for him.
  • Maladministration and peculation of public moneys go hand in hand, without any vigorous measures being adopted to put a stop to the scandal.
  • Every time the tsar returned to Russia he received fresh accusations of peculation against "his Serene Highness."
  • The magistracy had been acquiring more and more the character of an oligarchy; all power was practically in the hands of a few closely-related families; and the gravest peculation and malversation took place without hindrance.
  • Tweed and members of the "Tweed Ring," and published Peculation Triumphant, Being the Record of a Five Years' Campaign against Official Malversation, A.D.

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